The Games of the Oligarchs and Plutocrats!

Please let this information remain confidential amongst us for the moment.

Though the links are so damning, these are observations I've collected over the past year from direct sources and articles written and piece together. 

Before I go further, I'll state my disclaimer:

Fact is: I have nothing against the Marcoses and Cojuangco's. No one in my immediate relatives had a problem with them, then and now.

Again, I am sharing this info. based on observations related to factual event/s and articles.

This is the result of a long exhaustive research with links to articles as references.

Primarily written to help further my own understanding of what I have observed and gathered in my research as part of my political opinion on social media.

To understand the political scenario we are currently in, one needs to look back chronologically through history to see what events have brought us to today's political trend in the Philippines.

Now several months or years later, many more revealing and collaborating "indicators" may surfaced that will provide greater picture as to why there is a nagging hatred against Pres. Duterte and the plot to destroy him and his leadership.

So essentially this article will turn into my online notepad, taking note of events and new whistle-blower testimonies up to current day to simply share with others who are also seeing patterns and connecting these "indicators" that reveal the larger hidden picture.

I am not asking anyone to believe everything I share, but rather question with their own reasoning. In hopes that these shared notes, which I am continually updating, help fill in for those who have also noticed the growing conflict and bashing among DDS supporters. Those who are doing their own research to learn the truth for themselves.

Get your popcorn ready!

My observations.

I suspected that the ongoing political attacks on Pres. Duterte is not solely orchestrated by LP.

There are names that stands out whenever destabilization plot comes to mind

Among them is Danding Cojuangco Jr.

Let's remember that he is the most influential and one of the wealthiest among the political leaders.

He coalesced with parties including LP in the past.

If we recall in 2013, during P-Noy's time, Danding Cojuangco's NPC forged partnership with LP.

We all know that Danding Cojuangco Jr. founded NPC (Nationalist's People's Coalition) to launch his presidential bid back in 1992. He lost the race to Ramos.

Just recently, Danding re-assumed the NPC Leadership this past June 2017 in preparation for 2019 elections.

Link here: Danding is Back at the Helm!

Danding Cojuangco returns as NPC chairman ahead of 2019 elections

'Nag-retire na siya sa politics pero di niya puwede pabayaan ang political party,' says Senate Majority Tito Sotto.

Understanding the game of politics

It's not new to Filipinos that the Philippine politics and economy has been run by oligarchs for several decades. From the political clans, the Aquino's, Cojuangco's, Roxas, Araneta, Arroyo's, Romualdez, Marcoses and other's in between. Of course we have few from the wealthy business tycoons but let's focus on the political clans.

Those mentioned are the Oligarchs whom our President is referring to. They hated the fact that the “Probinsiyano” from down south took them by surprise and now empowering the "kabus ug timawa", the ordinary people.

Duterte's reign in power was sort of a revolutionary ascension. Because it was "We the People" who encouraged him to run and voted him to power.

That is a painful reality, the elites cannot accept

After changing the constitution in 1987 for their favor and perusing the politics to advance their interest, they will not stand down and relinquish power without dirty fight.

By all means, they are hell bent in taking back the power.

They want to remove Duterte and replace with their own. If we check the lineage of the oligarchs, there's only few, and they are, matter-of-fact intermarriage.

Cojuangco, Aquino, Araneta, Roxas, Lopez, Romualdez, Marcos.

If we scrutinize the destab plot and be vigilant enough, we will notice that LP and NPC fingerprints are all over.

There's very good reason to suspect, they are behind the orchestration.

BBM even made a statement: “Ang ninong ko, si Tito Danding ko. Di ba siya ang nagbuo ng NPC. Siyempre lahat ng ginagawa ko sa politika ay kinukunsulta ko sa kanya," said Marcos, referring to businessman Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco as his Ninong (Godfather).

Link here BBM's Ninong Danding

After all, Danding Cojuangco is the biggest beneficiary of ill-gotten wealth during Ferdinand Marcos Dictatorial Regime.

He is, matter of fact, among the 12 Apostles (Rolex 12) and among the 7 wise men entrusted by FEM.

Click on the link ROLEX Twelve

The BBM supporters are so rabid in defending BBM. They are pushing for PET and demonizing Leni Robredo so that he could take the VP. They have been forging this alliance with Duterte even before the start of campaign.

Some followers are confused but I suspect, many, including the big influencers/bloggers, are aware of what the exact agenda is. Who knows, they might've been given instructions.

Remember the BIG Party 10 days before Nov. 30?

Marcos Partied with DDS Bloggers

Was it a instructional meeting to STOP RevGov at all cost?

Notice the anti-revgov posting on FB peak after their party? Now it's been dragged to a new level of discourse. So that leaves us wondering.

Obviously, RevGov is not favorable for the Oligarchs

If they want BBM to become the next Pres., naturally, they want to keep the control. The current Constitution is the perfect tool for that purpose.

If indeed, they insist that BBM is really pro-Federalism and PRRD supporter?

This question begs an answer:

If BBM is supportive of PRRD, when did we hear or see him defend our President from any political attack, especially in the International Community, or against the bias media?

Answer: Nada. Never!


Because they (Oligarchs) actually want PRRD out.

Perhaps, they are even funding and feeding the International MSM networks with propaganda narratives to demonized and destroy his image because they know that it is not possible to overthrow him while enjoying current high popularity rating in the Phil.

They must peddle their propaganda to the international community to influence the “Deep State” and instigate a potential invasion.

US already proposed a sanction on arms. EU and their liberal media including that of Canada are ganging up against PRRD.

The ICC, the UN, CHR, George Soros and NEOCON's National Endowment for Democracy, along with propaganda mills in the US, the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN and hordes of other politically funded media who are also Anti-Trump, are united in demonizing Pres. Duterte.

The Oligarchs for sure, have influence to some degree of control (money wise), over mainstream media. Both local and international. They are using the media as their demolition tool.

The propaganda mill.

Here's the political scenario.

See, in my opinion, BBM will never win if he run for Pres. last election.


Because of people like you and me and countless others who are victims of Marcos regime. Those who witnessed the pillaging of our country and those who understand their politics.

Not to mention the sequestered and hidden ill-gotten wealth that they are trying to recover.

So, they have to let him run as VP first and then take over Presidency.

That's the damn surest way!

They first wanted him to ally with PRRD but the Wise Guy might've sense their plan. Hence, PRRD delayed the filing of COC. He even denied planning to run at all.

So NPC with Danding's strategic advised, as I suspect, went for Miriam Santiago, whom they are fully aware, is dying of illness and too old to sustain the Pres.

If ever she wins, the Presidents position will be vacated soon.

Nice going with the plan.

Our constitution automatically allows the VP to become the Pres. So, in their plan, without Duterte in the game, Santiago wins. If she sits as Pres., her lifespan is already short.

We knew what happened after the election. “Natigok” without any efforts from them. That would've been the perfect scenario for VP BBM to take over the Presidency.

And the Oligarchs will have the Power and Control back to same ol same ol ways.

Much to their surprise and disappointment, PRRD decided to run under PDP and chose Cayetano instead.

After all is said and done they're left with weak leader on their side.

PBA/ALDUB (Bayaning Atleta Partylist and Alyansang Duterte-Bong-Bong) a party backed by Danding Cojuangco was hatched.


Since it's too late in the game, they can't turn back anymore. They must forged alliance through AlDub (Alyansang Duterte-Bong-Bong). 



AlDub gained some traction because of their connections in the PBA League. They even have connections with LP in the Philippines and the US.

Right now, the DDS/BBM and all the rest of PRRD supporters are so focus on attacking DILAWAN (LP). That's how they want this game played out.

They want the beam of light focused on the YELLOW as the main ANTAGONIST

In my observation, the LP needs political resuscitation.


In my opinion ...

They have no strategy and are out of control. I think their Political Strategist, Ninong Danding, is trying to help them regroup. But they currently fit for the villain role while the real players are working behind the scene.

Looking back during campaign and during election...

The troublesome mess created by PCOS, the LP, NPC, Aldub technically screw their plans. Because after P-Noy and Roxas sabotage themselves due to their greed and stupidity. The party was discombobulated, they ended up kicking each other during campaign and election time.

To this day, their head spins from utter disbelief for their loss.

AS I try to connect the dots, this is how I noticed things unravel.

Recently (during the Fake News Senate Investigation), there was an expose’ by TP.

This came out as one of the reasons for Pnoy-Roxas feud. Roxas’s former DILG USEC Tom Villarin, according to Publicist of PR Asia Worldwide Communications Inc. Joyce Ramirez, hired her expertise to create the blog page “Nasaan ang Pangulo”.

This was in reference to PNoy's no-show at the arrival, honoring the 42 slain SAF men, at Villamor Air Base.

Apparently, an attempt by Roxas camp to distance himself from Pnoy’s failure’s as Chief in relation to Mamasapano, Roxas's DILG strategized PR campaign.

A Blog Propaganda was created to pressed the blame on P-Noy's lack of concern and insensitivity.

The website went viral with million hits. The trending piece was picked up by the main stream media in less than 12 hours.

The allegations regarding Ramirez, as the content creator of “Nasaan ang Pangulo”, was corroborated by Blogger Jose Acebedo Lopez.

Although Roxas and Ramirez deny the allegations in writing, they never filed a lawsuit for libel.

BTW, Joyce Ramirez also admitted that she works as a PR, during the last campaign, for Grace Poe and BBM. Respective candidates for Pres and Vice Pres.

Here's an interview: http://www.dlist.ph/2017/10/joyce-ramirez-speaks-up-on.html

Is it any wonder?

Going back to that publicity stunt. The released of that article must have created additional friction.

The Oligarchs realized that Roxas has gone rogue. Considering he's losing traction as Presidential candidate, they decided to pick Grace Poe.

Link here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/712486/npcs-pick-roxas-or-poe

NPC’s pick: Roxas or Poe?

By Christine O. AvendañoSen. Vicente Sotto III of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) said Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco’s political ...

Their final decision was to go for Poe. http://news.abs-cbn.com/halalan2016/nation/02/29/16/npc-endorses-poe-chiz

Besides, Grace Poe has strong ties to the Tycoon


While the leadership decided to have a change of heart, Roxas wants to do it on his own.

This is basically how he went rogue against his party's decision.

And the country witnessed massive vote buying, orchestrated unbridled cheating during the election.

Automated cheating? http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/786529/osmena-decries-widespread-cheating

PCOS Machines left in Novotel where 20 SmartMatic Executives stayed. Novotel located in Araneta, Cubao is owned by the family of Mar Roxas.


The totally blown numbers were dispersed. Because there was a conflict amongst them.

A power grab of sort was happening and Roxas was not willing to give up his fight to become the next President even when he lost the support of his party.

Perhaps, he just felt, this is his time. He's so convinced that he is destined to be the next President of the Republic.

I've reason to believed, they hated him for his cockiness. That's why nobody wants to speak with him now.

I suspect, the reason why Roxas was abandoned and alienated from the party is because he refused to work with their plan. Him and Pinoy ended up with a personal grudged.

Robredo inadvertently became the recipient of the jumbled mess of votes.

Who knows, they might've possibly planned it that way.

It seems that Robredo was "the bearer of the grunt". In other words, the fall guy. She knows her career is over.

I don't think she has interest in staying as VP nor going for Pres. positions. People think she is too stupid for the position. I don't think so. Leni is also a shrewed self taught politician.

She is playing along with the game. She has to play the self inflicting sabotage.

Even her staff is throwing her under the bus because that seems to be their plan all along.

Maybe the plan was to let the focus of light shine on her so that the real players can creep into anonymity. I suspect, tons of money was in the deal here.

Perhaps, political future versus bullet in the head when the oligarchs regain power.

It's so simple. They'll tell her, don't be stupid, play with us if you don't want to end up where your husband did. Keep the script and we'll reward you and your kids with bright and wealthy future instead of killing you.

Some possible scenario on how these thugs operate was described by We Are Collectives article. The biggest electoral crime.

An excerpt form the article:

Looking at the flow of their private convo, which was made in April 1 of this year, long before we even established Assembly Uno and caught Suarez in our radar, you will get a bird's eye view of how the syndicate worked. Suarez and our informant talked about a lot of things. About allegedly not getting paid, people disappearing and possibly getting killed, amounts given to them as earnest money, the number of provinces covered... there were even mentions of certain personalities involved.

Link Here:


So besides the LP, who might be the bigger players behind?

Well, NPC Chair Cojuangco, BBM's Ninong is already uncovered. However, there's another serious player, matter of fact, a master strategist in her own way. She is the finance strategist of Trillanes, I suspect. If you guess the sister of BBM, you're right!

Why is she a suspect?

If we recall during the miting de avance of PDP in Luneta, Faeldon blew the cover during onstage when he mentioned that Trillanes received cash from her when they were in jail after the failed coup. He even challenged Trillanes to man up and have a duel with him.

Remember Faeldon's expose on Trillanes?


Ex-military rebel claims Trillanes received money after mutiny

By Rosette AdelA former military rebel and Magdalo group leader on Wednesday alleged that vice presidential bet Sen. Antonio &q...

So it's no other than Imee Marcos.

We must understand that BBM is no good in politics. In my opinion, he is more like a puppet. His puppeteer's are Ninong Danding and Ate Imee.

Yes, they are running the show from their game of thrones. If you heard his empty talk during debate and his dismal performance as a Senator, you'll understand what I'm saying here about the spoiled brat party boy.

BBM is the prince who was anointed to follow Dad's footstep because there's no other boy in the clan. Look back at his college days, you'll realized he's not cut out for these type of gig.

Imee, on the other hand, with her control of SK, is the cunning player. If you notice, she's been going around trying to connect with major bloggers who are strong supporters of Duterte, you'll understand how brilliant and shrewed she is.

She already has Maharlika on their side. She tried to socialized with the likes of Bruce, TP, Mocha and who knows who was bought already. The fact is that someone from her camp, who is now an insider at Malacanang approach a very close friend of mine to take some money in exchange for support. So I won't be surprised for a bit if she used her influence, her "charm" and money to win the supporters to their side.

That's the very reason why there are DDS/BBM who are rabid and troublesome. Some of the confused pack must've been offered to troll, if not already paid hacks.

One thing that we will not see in the open is Imee's connection with Tito Danding. They have to be very discreet because Danding is the KNOWN oligarch and they don't want the people to realize that they too, are Trapo and Oligarch.

I suspect WAC (We Are Collective) is also their paid hacks! They want to make sure that Leni stays where she's at. They have seen this happen with Cory Aquino. When she tried to do things on her own. They launched a coup on her so she ended up endorsing Ramos instead of Mitra.


Why is WAC going hard on TP and accusing him as propagandist for Alan Peter Cayetano, when in fact, just recently, he was invited to BBM gathering and even received a token gift from Imee Marcos? Do we smell competition here? Insecurity, that TP is fast becoming BBM camps favorite political hack?

Hmmmm ... makes one wonder, no?

So Leni's totally done. She's just there to murky the waters.

It's a masterful act of divide and conquer strategy. With that said about Robredo, Leni had every opportunity to create a name and position herself.

What did she do? Self sabotage!

Political mistake after mistake.

Is she that stupid? Again, I don't think so.

Someone's coaching or rather forcing her to act stupid. The same thing with Loida. I suspect the people around her are also working with LP/NPC alliance strategy.

Loida is the unwitting victim. Her popularity is being use as the devilish woman behind the destabilization plot when all she wants is to keep BBM from taking position. I feel so bad for her that she is being demonized, when she doesn't even know her politics. Millions of Filipino hated her.

They don't even want to accept any help from her anymore. That's how they despised her.

However, she is the only person who has the influence and willingness to attack BBM. She should create a think tank to surrepticiously dig some more info regarding the Marcoses involvement.

The ties between NPC/LP/AlDub and the plot are just too big too suspicious to ignore.

While NPC camp is working on PET (which is no doubt a done deal already --- meaning, there's no contest. BBM is the winner on recount).

Because in reality, no one else can afford or at least have the balls to have ALL the ballots recounted. So the recount will only be between BBM and Leni. We already know the results to that.

What's the delay?

Well, there are 3 reasons at the moment.

First is Pres. Duterte's damn popularity.

They made several attempts to sabotage the surveys. They tried with social weather. They struggled, but they will try again.

Remember they now own Phil Daily Inquirer via Ramon Ang. Danding Cojuangco's former mechanic turned billionaire and SMC's Vice Chair.

Second is PRRD's alliance with BIG players.

Trump, Xi Jing Pin, Putin and Shinzu Abe. They're taking their fight to the International Community.

Third is the DDS supporters.

Lure big player bloggers with charm, perhaps incentives and promises. Once they get their hold of them, a spat and conflict will roll out.

That's the conquer portion. Then they will divide the followers.

They will continue to demonize the Pres. till the followers lose their trust.

By then, BBM will be ready to assume VP position.

With the turn of orchestrated events, the Pres. rating drops low and they will increase funding on their campaign for haters rallying against PRRD.

When dust settles, it will be easy work to kick PRRD out of position. Isang pitik na lang.

Even better if they can find a good reason to impeach him. That's where the EJK narratives, the Constitutional Crisis will be utilize against him.

They'll try, as much as they can to avoid political instability, because the US does not want that kind of mess at the moment. The deep state in the US have their own issues to deal with. That is the POTUS (Trump). He is such a big headache to them. So they'll have to be careful. If only Clinton won. It would be as easy as walk in the park to get rid of Duterte.

Thank God she lost!!!

Now, to their second and biggest challenge.

Duterte's consistently high ratings.

We know that they are using everything in their arsenal to bring his ratings down.

  • So far, the destabilization plot is not working.
  • Trillanes is running out of ammo and time. Heck, he might even end up expelled and jailed.
  • The opposition is losing grip.
  • The LP minions who made exodus to PDP and became supermajority are clueless on how to sustain their agenda.
  • The professional rallyists performance are below par. Although they are reviving their drama.
  • The MSM is failing miserably.
  • The terror groups are dismantled.

Now they are resorting to using some of PRRD bloggers/influencers and DDS/BBM group.


Have you notice that the big influencers who interviewed Imee Marcos have brewing animosity with each other?

Is there a competition going on amongst them?

There is obviously a growing animosity between

  • Sass Rogando, TP, Mike Acebedo (Imee Marcos Nephew, Works for Sunstar Cebu - and supporter of Cong. Gwen Garcia, the niece of Jose Garcia, the owner of Sunstar Daily News Cebu), Franco Mabanta (works for BBM) (Constitutional Reform Group)


  • Bruce Rivera (a very close friend of Sarah Duterte), Vivan Velez, Jimmy Bondoc, Gerard Dacudao (Spain) -- (RevGov Group)

WAC (I suspect, works for BBM as well) is now jumping into the clash and incessantly bashing TP for attacking Pres. Spokesperson Harry Roque (A known Anti-Federalist).

They are also accusing Sass and TP as supporters of Cayetano. They even accused Cayetano as Dilawan disguise as DDS. We have to remember that APC (Cayetano) is the number one threat to the coveted position of BBM.

While Sass and her followers are bashing Bruce and Gerard Dacudao. Lately, Sass is getting back at WAC.

Sadly, there is also some shady characters, a known troublemakers, that is surfacing and throwing more dirts. I've long suspected that these group are paid online mercenary, political hacks (not sure what party yet) out to sow confusion and chaos.

These are Imee Callao along with Indai Mahai and Merasol Espinosa.

They are known vicious attackers online.

The Senate hearing on Fake News was first labeled with humor by Bruce Rivera group as Cayetano-Poe show. Seemingly suggesting that influencers who was perceive to be BBM supporters were not invited.

It's hard to determine if there's any money exchanged happened in the absence of money trail. Although not impossible to suspect that there are promises made.

After all, Marcoses have the ability and influence to create multi-millionaires and even billionaires.

Based on historical facts. The twelve apostles who took part in the orchestration of proclamation 1081

  1. Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile
  2. Philippine Constabulary chief Maj. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos
  3. National Intelligence Security Authority chief Maj. Gen. Fabian Ver
  4. Lt. Col. Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Jr.
  5. Army chief Maj. Gen. Rafael Zagala
  6. Constabulary vice-chief Brig Gen. Tomas Diaz
  7. Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Espino
  8. Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Jose Rancudo
  9. Navy chief Rear Admiral Hilario Ruiz
  10. ISAFP chief Brig. Gen. Ignacio Paz
  11. Metrocom chief Brig Gen. Alfredo Montoya, and
  12. Rizal province Constabulary head Col. Romeo Gatan.

Cojuangco as one of the biggest recipient, also knows how to reward his guys. Look at Ongpin and even Ramon Ang, the former mechanic of Danding who is now a billionaire and the Vice Chairman of SMC.

I hate to say these but undeniably, it is human nature to desire to be or at least be associated with super wealthy and live longer. 

The assurance that there is a huge benefit when associated with the Oligarchs is very enticing. Ngayon pa lang dapat pumapel na.

So do I smell bickering as a reason for competition? I certainly hope that I am wrong.

Like I mentioned, some of them may or may not knowingly support BBM now. The sinister plan, I believed is to buy a little more time until the last plan hatch.

They are hoping that by then, Duterte's rating will dramatically slip.

I'm inclined to believed that their last card will be to infiltrate and sow confusion and disloyalty to Duterte supporters that are easily swayed.

In the coming weeks and months from now, you’ll notice an increase rally by the indigenous and activists. There will also be some DDS supporters who will claim to have awaken to reality and begin flipping sides.

Watch, it will happen!

I don't think assassinating the Pres. is a smart move on the part of the power grabbers. Besides they know that Duterte's intel and security is a fortress between Mossad and KGB. I also believed that Duterte's intel is aware of what's going on.

Remember when DILG Sec. was sack?

Everyone thought that BBM will be appointed, Had he became the little Pres. as DILG Sec, there would have been a coup in few months later if not weeks. He would have had forceful control over the Justice, Intel, PNP, AFP from top to bottom.

I was very happy that they didn't put him there.

So the Oligrachs have started their conquer and divide strategy. We are witness to what's happening lately in the blogosphere and among the DDS supporters.

The division is palpable.

The DDS/BBM group are silently encouraged NOT to support the impeachment because it will go against their plan of smooth and easy transition. They are aware that Digong will appoint someone else to take the VP instead of BBM if impeachment will push through.

Remember Nograles?

The PBA (AlDuB) PartyList Congressman who pulled out from supporting and endorsing the impeachment complaint filed by Atty. Bruce Rivera and Atty. Trixie?

No, impeachment is not their battle cry. Why would they chose impeachment when the PET recount is already a done deal!

What makes them very uneasy now is the RevGov initiative or revolutionary powers to the Pres. Once RevGov moves forward, Federalism will be unstoppable and all their aspirations to take back power will be close to zero chance.

That's why we must push for the Transitional Government (RevGov) to open the easy path to Federalism.

We have a good President now. Let us help protect him against those who wants to unseat him. Transitional Government is the people's demand to protect the agenda of PRRD.

Let's give him ALL the power to CHANGE the flawed 1987 Constitution and help transition the Philippine Republic to Parliamentary Federalism.

Let's get rid of Congress and Senate and let the people select a Prime Minister instead of potentially oppressive new Pres. that will screw us back again to decades of corruption and oppression.

Again, if you truly love our country and our President. Let us not allow anyone from the old regime and oligarch take control of our country again.

Imee Marcos once financed Trillanes for take over during Arroyo's time. I won't be surprise if the barking dog is working for her again. Robredo is just a political pawn. She knows that.

Please don't let this info go out in the open with my name attach to it. Especially IAPPA.

The opponent is too big for me/us to counter. They are loaded and will not hesitate to take someone's life if necessary. I am not afraid to fight against them but we have to pick the right tool for the battle.

We can't mess around with these Oligarchs.

Bad repercussions during the day of their power. 


How do they operate using charm, promises and terror?

Last Oct.2017 I ran into an old acquaintance who wrote a book about her experienced with the Marcoses. The book is entitled Dancing with the Dictator. The Author is non other than Maxie Labandera - she is also famous in showbiz as Ms. Lorlie Villanueva. She had a launching of her Tell-All-Book at New York Consulate.

Here's how our casual conversation went ...

Lorlie and I met years ago in a show produced by Miguel Braganza III, a Broadway Musical Director in New York. We were both part of the show. Last Oct. 2017, our path had crossed again. This time she is already wheelchair bound due to health condition. We had a casual conversation with some of my team in a studio. She talked about her book launching at the NY Consulate which she invited us to attend. During that conversation I manage to ask her a question about her experienced with the late former President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos.

She mentioned and also claimed that this info. is included in her tell-all-book, that during the peak of her career in the Phils., she was abducted on the orders of Marcos. This was in 1974, during Martial Law.  Here's an excerpt from interview:

I was abducted by Marcos in 1974. While filming in the set, a group of men sent by Fabian Ver force her to come with them upon the instructions of the then President.


Charm works but money TALKS, ALL the time!

and what about this BFF thingy?

Maliit lang yan na memento but it could symbolize a treasure awaiting for services rendered Who knows?

and of course who will forget the photo ops of the Tigangs!

Could this be the reason why there is mudslinging amongst the Major Bloggers? 

Whoever get's closer to the mighty will certainly have a bigger chance to become wealthy.


Remember, they (TP and Mocha) were first accused as Cayetano handlers after the Senate Session regarding Fake News?

The WAC (We Are Collective) are also accusing them as Cayetano's propaganda bloggers.

With their newfound alliance with Imee, I seriously doubt that!

They were even invited to attend dinner with Marcoses before Nov. 30,  RevGov event remember?

After that, ALL hell broke loose. The DDS blogger mudslinging started with RevGov issue.

The friction may have started with disagreement. 

Vivian Velez and Gerard Dacudao who are the most visible RevGov proponents  who expressed their disappointment because of Sass postings against RevGov.

The issue quickly escalated to personal attacks

Increasingly, it became vicious.

Since Bruce Rivera and Rocky declared their support on RevGov, they become the target of the bashings as well.

Now the issue has taken a new level. It became deeply personal. Shit's are spreading out on social media.

Did it got out of hand?

In my opinion, NO, it didn't! They just want to move the issue away from RevGov.

I don't see any amicable ending to this in the near future.

Obviously, the Patron Oligarch hates RevGov so those who are supporting RevGov are getting the wrath.

Back to Marcos issue:

To this day, their arrogance to do the old habits still linger

Update: Imee Marcos – ‘Ilocos Norte vehicles overpriced by P21 M’



The businessman who sold motor vehicles to Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos’ boyfriend told a House panel he did not know the vehicles were going to be bought using government funds. (Oh, really!)

Fabian Go, president of Granstar Motors and Industrial Corporation, sold 136 vehicles to Singapore-based businessman Mark Chua, Marcos’ long-time boyfriend. (Hmmm, Singapore based.)

Go said he was surprised when Chua and Marcos told him in April that the House will conduct a probe into the purchase of the motor vehicles using Ilocos Norte tobacco funds. (Surprised. Really!)

House Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas, political rival of the Marcoses in Ilocos Norte, initiated the probe.

Fariñas said the mulitcabs bought using tobacco funds were overpriced at P195,000 per unit. (Ok, then.)

Let’s connect the dots together:

Two years ago, Trillanes paid consultants was publicly exposed.


Among the highest paid consultants is businessman Fabian Go. The same guy who is involved in the sale of fire trucks from Singapore where Imee Marcos boyfriend Mark Chua is based. Coincidence? Maybe!

But … didn’t the President just exposed Trillanes bank accounts in Singapore?

He mentioned that Trillanes had a joint account with Chinese names. Hmmmm… could it be?

The issue about the fire truck has simmered down. I wonder why?

How about the oligarchs? The cabal.

Here’s an article written about the connections:

While many people are understandably still having a hard time “moving on” from the abuses committed by the late President Ferdinand Marcos, it would appear that many of the principal families involved in this national tragedy do not share the same problem.

A study of the intermingled business and family relationships among the country’s most prominent political clans provides a telling look into post-1986 Philippines, and how attempts at finding any kind of justice or closure for ordinary Filipinos was doomed from the very start.

Many Filipinos already know about the Cojuangco’s link with the Marcoses through Cory Aquino’s cousin Danding, but there has been very little talk about Mar Roxas’ own ties with the family of the former dictator.

Roxas, who is an Araneta on his mother’s side, has two relatives married to the children of Marcos. Gregorio Araneta III, who is the husband of Irene Marcos, and Liza Araneta, who is the wife of no less than Bongbong Marcos.

Even more significant, Liza is also the law partner of Noynoy Aquino’s trusted Executive Secretary Jojo Ochoa at the Marcos, Ochoa, Serapio, Tan law office. 

Making her doubly-linked to the two pillars of the Liberal Party. (Doing business with supposed rival party? Hmmm … I kennat.)

No wonder Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino have remained mum on this issue. It just hits too close to home for them to be mouthing off and drawing attention themselves.

Not like that idiot Bambam Aquino who has hypocritically chosen to blame President Duterte for allowing the burial of Marcos, while at the same time keeping silent about all these personal and professional ties between their camp and their supposed nemesis.

Perhaps Bambam thinks that people would continue to remain blind and stupid to his hypocrisy, allowing him to sow dissension among the ranks of Duterte’s followers – not all of whom are in favor of the burial.

If so, then he and all the other idiots at the Liberal Party, have miscalculated very badly. People may not agree with Duterte’s decision, but they are still pretty unanimous in their distrust about anything connected with LP. So suck on that Bambam, your days in the senate are numbered, and this time, you won’t have your relatives to help you win.


With the plunder case filed against Imee Marcos, there is a very strong reason to push the little brother to become the commander in chief, so that everything will be honky dory.

Some previous evidence proved there was a political links between Imee Marcos and Antonio Trillanes.

What about Imee-Trillanes-Cojuangco connections?

Remember this? Let's admit, this was hot! But someone killed the issue. 

Let's try to connect some dots on Trillanes's accusations on PRRD's billion peso accounts. ...

Remember this? 


There is an information from Mike Acebedo Lopez's livestream vblog where he mentioned why he decided to support PRRD and dropped Grace Poe.

Mike is a relative of the Romualdez's. He mentioned that he has a very wealthy relative. Imelda is her Grand Aunt. A very wealthy relative.

During the Presidential campaign, Mike was tasked by his "wealthy relative" to set up a meeting with PRRD in Cebu regarding political campaign support.

Present during that meeting was PRRD, Sarah Duterte, Bong Go, Mike himself and a representative from his "wealthy relative".

He mentioned that he was surprised and a little upset upon realizing that the representative was there to offer 2 billion pesos to PRRD.

He did not made it clear if it was given as personal and for what purpose or if it's for campaign fund. We learned from PRRD that Imee Marcos was one of the few who provided financial support to him during campaign. So that connects that dot.

Mike mentioned that PRRD personally refused the offer but suggested it will be "considered" as funding support for the campaign sorties. 

Although Pres. Duterte had the chance to enrich himself with billions from a supporter ( a common practice in politicking in the Philippines), he refused to touch the money.

That's when Mike, according to his statement, he realized, PRRD will never be corrupted, not even with that huge sum of money.

Perhaps the entire amount was not accepted since the amount found on Pres. Duterte's bank transactions was only 200 Million Pesos of rolling funds.

However, he did acknowledge that Imee was one of his campaign supporters.

Duterte: 'Imee supported me'

"Sino sa inyo ang nagsuporta sa akin? Ilan lang? 4, 5, 6? Wala akong barangay captain, wala akong congressman, wala akong pera. Si Imee pa ang nagbigay. Sabi niya inutang daw niya," the President said.

What's the connection? 

Perhaps that money was a "bait" to see if they can smear PRRD. Had he accepted that from personal standpoint, they might've used it against him.

Apparently, with that 2 billion, they still tried to attack his character as corrupt.  They know that there was money passing through in and out of campaign funds that's why PRRD admitted that there might have been some campaign funds that came through during campaign but he denied personal access to said funds.

Obviously, Trillanes was aware of this amount. So he used this issue and linked to PRRD on this alleged money trail.

How else did he know about the 2 billion worth of funds during his campaign? 

Trillanes showed documents of P2.4 billion that purportedly flowed into Duterte’s bank accounts, which is not declared in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/912787/trillanes-pushes-plunder-probe-after-duterte-admits-corruption#ixzz51dhCVXZD 

Going back to Faeldon's accusations on Trillanes and Imee's meeting with money involved, it wouldn't be hard to suspect that they still communicate with each other.

Here's another link. Fabian Go and Mark Chua. >>> You might want to read this article: 


Among Trillanes highest campaign contributor is Fabian Go --- http://www.philnews.xyz/2017/10/pro-duterte-bloggers-expose-alleged-connections-between-trillanes-fabian-go.html

Fabian Go also happens to be Trillanes highest paid consultant --- Link Here --- http://thepinoyweekly.com/?p=56242

So Fabian Go, president of Granstar Motors and Industrial Corporation, sold 136 vehicles to Singapore-based businessman Mark Chua.

The vehicles were all paid for promptly. That was his last transaction for that particular brand from China.

So it was a huge surprise for Go – or so he claims – when some time during the second week of April 2017, he was "advised" by Chua and his girlfriend, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, of a congressional investigation into the purchase of the vehicles.

Chua is the long-time boyfriend of Marcos after her divorce from sportsman Tommy Manotoc.

Coincidence or CON-incidence?

What about BBM?

Evidence are hard to find. Perhaps because the puppeteers are very careful with their strategy. You hardly hear him talk or do press conference. If ever there is any, it's basically controlled or scripted.


Maybe because they didn't want him to screw up and blow the cover, so...

We’ll be trailing on some new updates as the plot thickens …

Now another questions begs some answer?

Why do they have to take the power back? 

Perhaps it has something to do with perpetual source of missing link for clean energy that is necessary to produce Nuclear Fusion.

It's worth 800+ billion dollar a year revenue for the first 4 years. Whoever gets hold of this resource will become fabulously wealthy, quickly.

Let's check what's up with the Matriarch.

Perhaps, it's the Mom who pushed the kids to take the power back. Could this be the good reason? 


So these are the observation based on links and pieces of information that is crucial in understanding why there is a Conquer, Divide and Destroy strategy ploy.

Our fight must be sustained with extra caution!

You can’t expect to win if all you have is stick and stones versus assault rifles.

Let’s be realistic. What we must do is to utilize jujitsu strategy. Use their own weapon against them.

After all is said and done. In all honesty, I'm hoping to be wrong in my observations. I'm inviting you to please help me analyze the connections.

If this is indeed too big to ignore. Help let others know secretly that the real suspected group behind destabilization plot is not only LP. It's the entire Oligarchs and autocrats and it's within good reason to suspect that BBM is their strongest card right now.

Our's is PRRD. Let us help empower him to protect us and our country! Kind regards,

Co-Patriot JI