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Three Minutes Pitch!


Reality TV Show – The Search for the Best Session Musicians.

Twice as much fun, exciting and profitable than the American Idol and America’s Got Talent combined. 

Far better and more entertaining compared to the show “the making of the band” and can potentially take over the growing popularity of UK's reality TV contest “Live and Unsigned!”

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“It’s Your Stage”

*** Totally Raw and Unscripted ***


Reality TV Show – The Search for the Best Session Musicians.


·         Singer/Performer

·         Guitarist

·         Bassist

·         Keyboard/Synthesizer

·         Drummer/Percussionist

To find the best Session Musicians Band from complete strangers.

--- Logline ---

TV Show Live Event Contest

Search for the Country's Best Session Musicians Band from complete strangers. Five skilled session musicians who never met before will be given the opportunity to perform together Live on-stage.

A band comprising of 5 musicians each group (total strangers from each other) assembled from individual talents who passed the audition will play together to compete and earn each of their title to become a member of the best band ever put together .

"Best of the Best"

Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist and Drummer

--- Treatment ---

A bi-weekly 2 hour show:

1 night for Performance and 1 night for elimination

Principal Participants: Session Musicians

Competitors will come from all over the Philippines Male/Female, 18-60 years old no contract non-recording artist only.

Auditions will be held in different regions.

Singers, Guitarists, Bassist, Keyboard/Synthesizer Player and Drummer/Percussionist must pass the audition.

Song Genre

Pop, Ballad or Slow Rock, Disco/Dance, Funk, Rock, Classical and Country.

The show will be completely raw and unscripted live band performance by total strangers.

Those accepted into the competition after an audition will be given a copy of their own cover song for the opening of the first show.

Without knowing what group or who they’ll be playing with, each will be given 3 days to listen and rehearse their part.

Judging from the lead vocalist range of voice, an assigned vocal coach will advice what key or note the band will be playing.

Each contestant (performer/musician) is allowed to make their own improvisation on their part as long as it does not change the timing and length of the song.

Each week the show runs a competition of five (5) groups with five (5) performers in each band.

Participants will have no means of knowing what group they will be performing with.

Since the goal is to maintain anonymity of members from each group; Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist and Drummer, all contestants are prohibited to contact each other in any shape or form either personally or through any third party.

On the day of the competition the performers will meet with the group they’re assigned to and perform live onstage. Instruments are set, ready and fine tuned appropriately for the song genre assigned to them.

This live band performance competition of total strangers, who will meet for the first time onstage and perform a song that they listen to and rehearse alone for 3 days, shall unleashed their musical skills that could potentially earn them the title “Pinoy's Best Live Band Session Musicians of the year”.  

Winners will also have the opportunity to compete in the International Level against other winners from participating countries to earn the world title, potential franchising revenue for international market.

Though it’s a band show, each performer will be judge individually by its own specialty, skills and performance using a scoring criteria and public vote.

Only five (5) members in each group: Singer, Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboard/Synthesizer Player and Drummer/Percussionist.

The competitions judge/voting system (SMS text) will decide for the winners and losers of the night. The winners are retained and re-shuffle with another group to compete again, advancing to the next round and next level of song genre.

Poor performance and mistakes will affect scoring. Least score and number of votes will result in elimination.

The competition will end with 5 winners in different specialty and title for the current year namely;

Best Live Session Lead Vocal Performer
Best Live Session Guitarist
Best Live Session Bassist
Best Live Session Keyboard/Synthesizer Player
Best Live Session Drummer/Percussionist

Together they earn the title as members of the prestigious 
"Pinoy's Best Session Musicians Band of the Year".

As Producers and Network see fit:

The show will kick off in Metro Manila broadcasting to a nationwide audience and webcasting online to attract international audience. This is a strategic exposure to gain entry into the global market because the Reality TV Show will also venture into franchising by selling licensing rights outside of the Philippines, allowing other countries through purchasing license rights to hold similar competition.

An annual event will be promoted to challenge all participating countries to take a shot and earn the rights to the World Title by sponsoring their winner to a World competition for the Best Session Musician Band.

A country may also bid for a price to host the annual event in their country. Similar to Olympic events hosting country rule.

Every Reality TV Show with Talent competition anywhere in the world has proven to attract large audience from teenagers to baby boomers. Its solid mass appeal is evident in other popular TV contest.

Session Musicians as Principal Participants

What's a Session Musician?

Session Musicians are instrumentalist and vocal performers, who are available to work with mainstream commercial artists at live performances or recording sessions. Usually such musicians are not permanent members of a musical ensemble and often do not achieve fame in their own right as soloists or band leaders.

Their versatility includes being able to play and perform in various music genre such as rock, jazz, country, pop and classical music. Sufficient ear training, versatility are few of the most important skills a session musicians must have in order to perform in a range of different settings. They learn their parts rapidly and are very skilled in sight reading, hearing, chord progression and improvisations.

Session musicians are used in any situation where musical skills are needed on a short-term basis. These skilled musicians are used by recording studios to provide backing tracks for other musicians while mixing in the studio or in a live performance; they are backing instrumentations in advertising, film and television; or theatrical productions. 

The term "session musician" and "studio musician" are now synonymous, though in past decades the latter term more typically described musicians who were associated with a particular record company or recording studio.

Because of their status as freelance instrumentalist session musicians are usually available for hire on concert shows, tours or impromptu show/event performances.

Their musical skills are sought after because they save time and money for rehearsals. They are trained to play on chord progression by ear, artists/performers rely on them as always ready to jump and perform on short notice. 

Their creative ability to perform and improvise will be a delight to watch on-stage...

Because the show is raw and unscripted...it'll be a thrill to watch what tricks they'll come up with each time they perform.

That'll make the show incredibly exciting!

Why session musicians?

Because there are great talent of Session Musicians around the country who never had the opportunity to play in a bigger crowd, exposure to national audience, play in a bigger venue and capitalize on their skills to make a decent living.

Despite being underrated and unappreciated their talents are worth an entertainment and the public would love to see these talents compete on national TV.

It’s about time to give them their own stage to a large viewer and shine like a Rock Star.

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