This blog is a rebuttal I wrote to an online post criticizing Filipino nurses for venturing into overseas work. 

I think it’s worth posting here because it also applies to ALL OFW's regardless of the type of business/work we engage in.

It's a big lie to claim that Nurses intend to practice Nursing outside of the Philippines with a sole purpose of serving others. 

I have yet to meet a student Nurse who admits that their reason for going to Nursing school is to work and serve in the Philippines as a professional nurse. 

Are you or have you encountered someone? Let me know if you are or know someone.

Truth is ...

Nurses went to nursing school with conscious intentions to go overseas in search for a greener pasture, purposely to earn a decent income for themselves and their family, period. Although it's wrong to assume that that's their sole purpose.

Of course, a nurse abides by the oath to serve by promoting health and wellness, and the very essence, to nurse the people who needs the skill of a professional nurse.

I started my nursing career in the Phils. in 1990. Graduated 1988, briefly worked as a Med Rep then took the licensure exam in 89 and found a job at a Chinese Hospital in Masangkay Manila (Metropolitan). I then transferred to Veterans Memorial in Quezon City a year later.

I finished my college in Davao City.

Schools at that time are already producing hordes of graduates without enough hospitals and clinics to absorb all the licensed nurses. In 1988 Davao City has 3 schools in Nursing, with a combined successful graduates and board passers of upwards to 300's, a considerable number of new nurses that practically produce a huge surplus of unemployed nurses in that particular city.

Nowadays I'm not sure how many graduates they might have in Davao City alone.

I am hopeful that the Phil. government, instead of just allowing schools to enroll as many nurses as they could, would initiate effective system/facilities to provide adequate training for nurses to become competitive in preparation for working abroad. There's no question that the demand will continue to rise due to the aging population of the baby boomers worldwide.

Most educated Filipinos are aware that our nursing curriculum is designed for international competitiveness. I know that as a fact, because Filipino nurses are very well embraced at least in US and UK. Perhaps the same respect is afforded to our fellows in the Middle East.

We all know that every nurse's goal is to work abroad and that the government believes that nurses, one way or the other, sends back revenue to the country.

Currently US has immigration issues they're trying to resolve -- a limit on VISA issues for all immigrants including nurses is holding up a 10 year backlog for all Filipinos, not only nurses. Not to mention that there are nurses from other countries competing to enter the United States.

The demands for Nurses globally includes Canada, European Countries, Middle East and some places in Asia. Most of these countries prefer Filipinos.

The Philippine government must initiate a high standard and advocate for building a professional image for our nurses --- instead of labeling us as a Room Nurse (RN) only, as some wealthy Filipinos and politicians refer to RN's in the Philippines.

 must work eagerly together to build a better image. 

Filipino's are stereotyped as nice and yet seemingly mediocre in standards, unfortunately because of our own doing. Our own kababayans are the one's spreading sad information demonizing our health care system.

We know that our systems sucks, that our school and hospital trainings are somehow outdated. But instead of focusing on these weaknesses that we already know -- we must instead --- availing of the vast information and technology available within our reach, should learn, practice and be proud to tell the world that we are not only catching up, we are actively participating and are becoming the prime movers.

Believed me, we are extremely competitive. We have the advantage because we are the only English speaking country in the entire Asia and even other countries outside of Asia.

Instead of wasting time on useless stuff, tsismis, soap opera shows, spending more time knowing our showbiz personalities and insulting each other, belittling our own --- we must begin uplifting everyone and learn ways to be more competitive.

STOP the negative branding of Filipinos.

Let's be patriotic! We are a great nation.

WE are good and intelligent race.

Enough with the negative mindset!

I've been a nurse for the past 19 years in New York. I'm part of the 9-11 first responder here. I worked hard to earn the label as the go to guy for difficult IV sticks and minor technical troubleshooting in my workplace. I'm proud to claim that I learned the ropes primarily because of my what I learned growing up in the Philippines.

I have no intentions of bragging about my skills, but I'm compelled to share that I learned to be competitive not from school nor from my experience alone, I attributed these skills and techniques that I muster quickly and easily because of my upbringing as a Filipino --- the creativity, resourcefulness and innovative abilities that are inherent to us Filipino's because we grew up creating something out from almost nothing ---- due to limited resources or sometimes the lack of.

If we want change then let's start with a change in our mindset.

You want to succeed? Then be a proud Filipino.

There’s countless information available to improve our lives but we must begin from within ourselves.

Quit looking at the outside and others. Quit thinking that it's hard, that's it's impossible, that it is what is, that we are destined to be like this.

That's a bunch of crap!!!

You, me and every human --- Filipino or not as long as you have a conscious thinking mind --- you are gifted with the ability to choose what you want, have or do. All these will only happen when you begin to focus your thoughts ONLY on things and events that you want to occur.

Read bio's of successful people and you'll learn that the only difference between their success and other's failure is mindset.

DO NOT focus your thoughts and energy of not having --- instead focus your thoughts and energy on what it would be like to have what you want, do or become. Do it daily until it becomes a second nature just as you are effortlessly breathing and soon you'll find yourself blessed with good vibes and getting everything that you want.

You'll probably think of this as about law of attraction and some other metaphysical stuff created by motivational gurus. Those are practically true but you don't have to pattern everything to what they tell you.

Bottom line is that we must learn to believe in ourselves, develop that self confidence and work on it in your mind everyday --- of course taking action will affirm your belief so don't just sit down and think that things will magically appear.

You have to constantly learn so that ideas will get attracted to your thinking.

I could fill an entire book on this subject – or we could complain all we want about our government until our face turns red – but if we don’t take the initiative to learn, then we’ll all just remain third class citizens in this global revolution where Filipino’s used to be in the front line.

We need to learn how the power of our subconscious mind works.

In psychology we only learn of it as the storage of memory.Recent studies revealed that our subconscious mind works, if compared to the speed of computer --- at 40 million bits per second --- that's how we function everyday 95% on autopilot while our conscious mind only process information at 40 bits per second. That's why they only let our phones have 7 numbers because our conscious mind can only effectively retain 7 numbers most of the time. We can only multi-task about 3-4 task effectively.

Listen to your internal dialogue --- be attentive --- if your mind drifts and starts thinking about anything negative --- pull yourself back and discard that thought just like your spitting out saliva. It's simple --- that's attuning oneself to the power of now.

You’re a Filipino, you are gifted with brilliance, creativity, innovation/ingenuity (don't believed them when they say -- nang-ga-ga ya lang tayo) that's foolishness --- we are not copycats --- we are innovative thinkers.

A lot of stuff starts from our innovation and creativity.

After the 2nd World War, when the GI soldiers left they're 3 gears MacArthur Jeep to us, Filipino ingenuity extended the cab and turned them into what we now call passenger jeep --- that's only one.

There's many more.

Our country may not have the financial capability and technical resources to defend our country at this moment, but if we begin to promote patriotism, teach and support our young ones in developing their creativity, we will soon find, from among our youths, an army of digital defenders that will help protect our country utilizing digital technological warfare from intrusive neighboring countries.

So from here on think, believed and be confident that things we'll get better quickly as we adapt a good way of thinking.

Begin now!

Most valuable informations are free -- no need to invest any money --- just invest time and the desire to learn .

If you’re able to read this then you have access to tons of life changing information on the internet. As an OFW, we have families back home that respects our guts. They don’t only rely on our financial remittance and balikbayan boxes, they also believed in us because we proved to them that our dreams and aspirations are unstoppable.

Our advice to them becomes valuable. So let’s teach our fellows back home the virtues of turning dreams into reality with fearless passion, instead of complaining.

Teach them how to become self reliant instead of dependence. Let us go past beyond financial support.

The saying remains true:

Giving our love ones a fish they’ll survive for the day.

Teaching our love ones how to fish empowers them to survive and become self reliant.

Begin with the website I created ( to share the inner secrets of changing our mindsets.

Mabuhay ka Pilipino!