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Kung ano ang yong madalas maisip ay siyang mangyayari.

Posted by Joel Inocencio on Monday, May 13, 2013, In : About Pinoy 

Tales of the Two Wolves (Translated in Tagalog)

Ang kuwento ng dalawang Lobo (Wolf)

Me kuwento ang isang matandang Cherokee Indian sa kanyang apo  patungkol sa buhay;

“Merong labanan na nangyayari sa loob ng aking  isipan” sabi niya sa bata.

“Napakatindi ng labanan o away sa pagitan ng dalawang lobo.”

“Ang isang lobo ay may napakasamang ugali --- palaging galit, me inggit, parating naninisi ng kapwa, madamot,  mayabang, arrogante, sinungaling, nanlalamang sa kapwa, ayaw magpaku...

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So you want change? Really!

Posted by Joel Inocencio on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, In : About Pinoy 

Our Youth

The children's minds are like clay...with adequate guidance and support, they can be molded into any shape or form. 

They are our future!

With proper mentoring...they can grow to become outstanding citizens.

Bad upbringing can turn them into a menace in the society.

Parents are their role model...Mothers greatly influence their character.

If we fail to empower our mothers...our society will face the daunting task of curtailing unruly citizens.


Providing the fish will allow them to survive...

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The Blogger

Joel Inocencio Born and raised in Davao City, I move to NY in the 90's and started my career in the health care industry. After years in service I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly … along with my small family I'm ready to retire, pack my stuff and head back home. My target destination this time will be Davao City, Davao Del Norte, Gen San City I love fish, the beach, the country side and everything the nature has to offer. To Mount Apo, after 30 some years, I shall climb again!

About the Blog

OHYET -- Outstanding Youth and Housewives Empowerment Talk. This Blog talks about informing, educating and empowering the beneficiaries of Filipino OFW's. Focused on the positive side of the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao, the beautiful places, the resources, the Filipino talents, cultural traditions and business opportunities available for everyone aspiring to engage in business. The goal is to contribute positively to our country and proactively engage in exchange of ideas to empower our mothers and youth. To be able to share marketing expertise, share some technological information and ideas for small business especially to Filipinos working abroad who are coming home for good and wanting to start a sustainable livelihood. This Blog also promotes moral values, encourage strong positive mindset instead of complaining, blaming and pointing fingers. I spent my 25 years of life in the Philippines and 75% of those times where spent in poverty. Compared to the 17 years of “somewhat lavish lifestyle” here in the USA, my desire is to spend the rest of my life in the Philippines and make a little difference. I love my country, your country, our country! Let us be mindful of our youth because our country's future is in their hands ... but most of all let us honor the Mothers who provides solid foundation for our children. If we want to empower our youth for a brighter future of our country...we must begin with our Mothers! "

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