A good example of empowering our mothers are programs such as CLEEP. Image below. However, we must not settle with providing information on technological aspect. We must also reinforce education in terms of mindset reform.

Technical knowledge is one thing. But training the mental character that withstand difficulties and challenges is one important factor that must be included in the program to properly empower our citizens.

Research studies conducted among high performance athletes in the Olympics revealed that winners in the competition spent 75% of their time in mental training and 25% on physical training compared to those who lost.

DTI's Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program or CLEEP. A Training program for the unemployed housewives.

The Philippine Government already provides the technology necessary to equip Filipinos into becoming productive citizens.

We, as responsible citizens, must pick up the tools provided and take our part in reshaping the future of our country.

This is my country, your country, our country!!!

If I may borrow the words from JFK:

"Ask not what the government can do for you...but rather asked what you can do for your government".

Our women/mothers not only deserved respect, they can use all the support we can provide for them to be empowered not only in technological ability but mental strength as well.