The Philippines is not only blessed with vast natural resources, breathtaking landscapes, superb natural wonders and pleasant weather all year round. 

Our country is also gifted with industrious, beautiful and talented citizens. We may not be as large as the population of China and India but we surely made our presence visible throughout the World.

In the past 30 years we have broken into different industries – the Information Technology with our world class computer engineers, coders, programmers, graphic artists and animators responsible for brilliant animations in numerous international record breaking movies.

Practically in all fields we have our expertise. From White House, NASA, Wall Street to the Silicon Valley and even the Disney Movie production rely on Pinoy’s creative talents.

We have entertainers who dominate the mainstream classical performers in TV and Broadway musicals from NY and Europe to Hollywood’s big screen and grand stadium rock concert.

Let’s not forget our inventors whose talents helped revolutionized the way we live. Filipino’s creative geniuses are behind some of the world’s technological breakthroughs in communications, robotics and advancement in health care. 

 In the Health Care Industry, we have provided the global demands with highly respectable Doctors, Nurses and Therapists not to mention the unsung heroes, our low profiled caregivers all over the world.

We have great writers and cartoonists that are competing against the giants in the publishing industry. 

Pedro and Maria have come a long way…we are no longer the copy cats of colonial mentality. We have arrived and the world recognized that Pinoys and Pinays are a force to reckon with in the age of highly competitive global arena.

The global market embraced our creativity on hand crafted materials. There is a growing demand for our Agricultural and Local Foods. Matter of fact, we are one of the world’s top producers of best quality tuna and tropical fruits; fresh, canned and bottled.

We have trendy and creative top rated fashion designers breaking into the Fashion Industry.

Among the Filipino pride’s world class entertainers, are the likes of Lea Salonga, Charisse Pempenco, Arnel Pineda, and numerous international stars not to mention other local talents adorned by the international audience in highly competitive TV Talent shows. Our very own Manny Pacquiao helped etched the name of our country in the international sports scene.

We have great instrumentalist, some of them are quiet members of famous International Rock bands.

But most of all, let’s think about our hard working OFW’s who has to leave their family behind for months at a time in search for a greener pasture to provide for their children. They bring with them their pride, talent and energy and send back home the bacon that keeps our economy going. Despite being caught in the midst of calamity, war zones and political conflicts – they continue to risk their lives.

They pioneer in conquering countries we’ve never even heard before and established their footings and once set, create a strong presence. That’s the pride of Filipino’s. We navigate like waters into uncharted territories. There are still a lot of places to go with lots of things to do…but we know that sooner or later, we will get there.

Mabuhay ka Pilipno, mabuhay ang Pilipinas!