We always hear people complain about corruption in our government, the cheating, the scandals, the red tapes and what have you. Most of us are convince that we are forever doomed to this kind of situation and that our economy is a hopeless case.

We witness the recent uprising in the oil rich country in the Middle East. I’m not suggesting that the corruption in the Philippines is similar and acceptable. What I’m trying to emphasize is that there are leaders and dictators that are far worse than ours.

I believe that there is hope for a change but it must begin from within us. Let us be patriotic about our country. Let’s think about what we do and what we can do, especially when the kids are watching and listening.                                                                                     Remember the saying “monkey see, monkey do”!

Our kids follow example, if we don’t behave the way we should then our next generation will talk the same talk and walk the same walk.

The next 10 years will be crucial. Let us begin now and let us begin here.

Through attitude, correct mindset, determination, consistent training, support and unity with one goal...Filipinos will fight poverty with will power, education, commitment and discipline. No more violent uprising, no armed movement...just the mindset to move on. I predict that Philippines will emerge as the Asian Tiger from the Far East in the next 10 years.

Empowered mothers will be able to nurture their kids to become upstanding citizens.

Promoting abundance and positive nurturing in every aspect empowers the youth to be creative, unselfish, industrious, progressive and productive.

This is the formula that will change the mental attitude, political landscape and the economy of the Philippines.

Let us become a part of the solution instead of the problem.

If you are given the opportunity to give some solutions;

What’cha gonna’ do?

Since my roots are from down south Region XI and my retirement target is Sarangani Province Region XII. 

As an avid supporter of Congressman Manny Pacquiao, I'd focus the start-up in his region.

IMHO >>> The first and foremost focus must be:

*** Peace and Order

  1. Additional roving police force 24 hours.
  2. Increase funding for training the law enforcement staff.
  3. Update monitoring systems with digital cameras and wireless devices in and around town 
  4. Tighten regulation for discipline and enforcing rules. 
  • NO ONE should be above the law
  • Strict disciplines must be enforce to any violators; residents, military and law enforcement staff
  • Maximum penalty for prosecuted individuals
  • Provide incentives and bonuses to qualified enforcers
  • Create a group of Unarmed Watch Eye Volunteer Brigade to anonymously report any illicit activities be it law enforcers, residents or tourists
  • Increase visibility Emergency Medical Services Units in and around town.

*** Promote beautification projects

  • Involve private sectors; small businesses, NGO's
  • Provide funds for additional earnings on weekend beautification projects for out of school youth
*** Improve Infrastructures, roads, online and wireless communications

*** Improve the water supply system, treatment facility and delivery

*** Leverage the use of hydroelectric power plant station for power supply.

*** Promote day time and night time tourism activities 

*** Invite investors

*** Promote Sarangani Province Tourist Attractions
  • Water Activities
  • Guided Mountain Trek Adventures
  • Niche Restaurants
  • Guided Educational or Visitors Tour to Production Plants
  • Safe Family Activities for night time
*** Moral Recovery Program and Patriotism 
  • Faith in God and love of country must be re-introduce in and out of school programs and civic activities
ALL projects are design to attract businesses, tourism, create jobs and generate taxable revenues.

Create Livelihood Program to local residents


Implementing a program for: 

Youth Empowerment through Academic/Scholastic Program.

  • PS00002 (Pushing Sarangani)
  • Committee on Basic Education and Culture
  • People’s Participation
  • Mindanao  Affairs
  • Milleneum Development Goals, Youth Empowerment

This program entitles funding from RA # 8425 (Full Disclosure of RA # 8425)

To mention few of the steps necessary to optimize, accelerate and ensure the success of the program.

  • Create a COOP for YHEP (since this is my choice of organization) as funding disbursement entity to qualified local residents giving priority membership to unemployed and homemakers.
  • Incorporate Entrepreneural, Motivational and Moral Value enhancing academic age appropriate tools and effective teaching modality in the form of monthly journal instead of textbook must be added into the curriculum of 4th-6th grader. Modified text presentation on high school students.
  • After school creative livelihood workshop training for students in public schools.
  • Provide entrepreneural and technological training on livelihood projects for unemployed and homemakers.
  • Utilizing LGU branch, DOST, DTI, Chamber of Commerce and Industry providing business skills, technical information, guidance, support, tools and funding for members who pass certification process.
  • Delegate Task Force committee to oversee each program and report progress in agreed time frame
  • Establish a team for accountability
  • Establish a team to develop metrics and evaluate results

Few of the Technical Trainings Available:

  • Productions; Food Processing
  • Fabrications
  • Handicraft
  • Carpentry -- Home Improvements
  • Construction -- Steel and Masonry
  • Electrical training
  • Machinist
  • Automotive troubleshoot and repair
  • Media Digital Information
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Hand weaving for manual textile production
  • Aquaculture -- Hydroponics/Aquaponics
  • Printing Publications
  • Graphics Design
  • Personal services (Hair Salon, Steam, Reflexology)

Additional Technical Tools available through DOST

Here's an article about a local raw material that can be utilize as eco-friendly textile during a Senate speech by Senator Loren Legarda on January 24, 2011... TROPICAL FABRIC DAY