Philippines is not only blessed with vast natural resources, breathtaking landscapes, superb natural wonders and pleasant weather all year round.  

We are also gifted with industrious and talented citizens.

Think about our inventor’s who are influential in the rapidly changing technological breakthroughs. 

Juan and Maria have come a long way…we are no longer the copy cats of colonial mentality. We became our very own.

In the past 30 years we have broken into different industries – the Information Technology with our world class computer engineers, coders, programmers, graphic artists and animators responsible for brilliant animations in numerous international record breaking movies.

We have great writers and cartoonists that are competing against the giants in the publishing industry.

In the Health Care Industry, we have provided the global demands with highly respectable Doctors, Nurses and Therapists not to mention the unsung heroes, the low profiled caregivers all over the world.

The global market embraced our creativity on hand crafted materials. There is a growing demand for our Agricultural and Local Foods. Matter of fact, we are one of the world’s top producers of best quality tuna and tropical fruits fresh, canned and bottled.

We have trendy creative top rated fashion designers breaking into the Fashion Industry.

Our Filipina beauties are so brilliant that they are a force to reckon with in the International Beauty Pageant competition.

We have world class entertainers, the likes of Lea Salonga, Charisse Pempenco, Arnel Pineda, and numerous international stars not to mention other local talents adorned by the international audience in highly competitive TV Talent shows. Our very own Manny Pacquiao had etched the name of our country into the international arena of sports.

We have great instrumentalists, some of them are quiet members of famous International Rock bands. But I begin to wonder why with all the talents we have, a Filipino Rock/Pop Band has yet to enter the international mainstream market.

As I begin to wonder, my creative juice begins to formulate a way to allow Filipino bands achieve their big break.

I thought of creating our very own reality TV contest.

On these blog, I’ll share the entire concept that I originally pitched in with Sony, CBS and NBC. The concept is secured with international rights. It’s still waiting for the best offers on the table although I will prefer that a Philippine producer or network will take the concept and open the show in the Philippines.

Here it is…the format is exactly similar to the Pitched Format presented to Producers and Network Executives

Click here ---It's Your Stage--- to read the concept. I need a huge favor, if you can send a comment via e-mail to let me know if the concept is clear and simple to understand.

Thank you