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Yes, Hon. Congressman Manny Pacquiao this website was created not only for the sake of the people of Sarangani Province but more importantly to catch your attention. 

My name is Joel Inocencio kumpare ni Amador "Jhun" De Castro,from New Jersey nga ig-agaw ni Jinkee, a friend of Girlie Guillen (dili ko sigurado kung na-mention niya sa imoha ang usa ka project) and Your Auntie Lilia Lao from Virginia bag-o lang nako gi-approach bahin pud sa ini nga livelihood project para sa imong distrito. 

I'm originally from Davao City - bisayang dako (silingan nako ang usa nimo ka property sa Robinson's Buhangin). I now reside in New York. But I'm hoping to go home and retire sa Pilipinas, particularly sa Sarangani Province.

I believed that you have the key to awaken the Philippines from deep slumber. You have a very special divine mission. I believed that you are true to your words with honest intentions to help.

I am also very serious with my intentions to support you in any way I can. You are the modern day Moses that will help the Filipinos in their journey to the promise land. The land that is flowing with milk and honey. The truth is, Filipino people are already there. They just couldn't see the promise land because they are blindfolded by misery, unbelief, mistrust brought about by dishonest politics.

Now that we have you...the best thing that ever happened to the Philippines is you!

Your detractors and opponents claim that you are unschooled...they may be right but I don't believe for one second that that is necessary to be effective in doing the job of a Congressman. 

You have the heart, honesty, humility, the discipline, the mindset, and the caring attitude...that's the most important factor.

I believed that you are extremely intelligent, disciplined, God fearing...I wouldn't be a bit surprise if you will become the youngest President of the Philippines and I'm saying this not to strike a chord in your ego but with all honesty and sincerity.

Anyway, kabalo ko nga busy kaayo ka sa imong training para sa May fight with Mosley. As always, I'll pray that you will win with easy knock out. I also wish you the best in your political career. Pasay-lo-a ko kung gi-contact ka nako sa twitter. Wala na man ko'y laing chance nga idu-ol sa imo ang proposal. Tanan nako nga gi-approach wala man naka-pa-abot sa mensahe. 

So I took this chance. 

Kung mabasa nimo ni I hope mu-reply ka kung interesado ka nga i-present nako ang project proposal inig na-a ka diri sa US. Maski asa nga conveniente sa imoha. 

All I need is less than 30 minutes of your time. But I hope wala'y laing tao. The only person I would hope to be around is your wife, si Amador, si Auntie Lilia.

Seriously, wala'y mawala sa imoha ug sa ako-a kung dili madayon ni nga proyecto. Pero nag-tuo ko dako ang matabang ani sa katawhan sa Pilipinas. Ready na pud ko nga i-share ni nga project proposal sa usa ka kumpanya sa Europe nga gusto mu-produce ug tela gamit ni nga raw material kung dili ka interesado.

Kung dili ko makadawat ug reply sa imoha in the next 2 weeks I will completely abandon the chance nga ma-sugdan ni nga project sa Pilipinas. Unless si Chiongbian o si Gokongwei mu-approach for funding. Otherwise, foreign company na lang.

Ang project falls perfectly sa mga programa nga involved ka sa Congress:

  • PS00002 (Pushing Sarangani) 
  • Committee on Basic Education and Culture
  • People’s Participation
  • Mindanao  Affairs
  • Milleneum Development Goals
  • Youth Empowerment
I know nga wala pa nimo na-avail ang pork barrel funding pero sa RA # 8425 na-a na'y funding ini ang disbursement under the discretion of President Noynoy Aquino.

Under Section 10 of RA # 8425:

Sec. 10. The People's Development Trust Fund. – The People's Development Trust Fund (PDTF) is hereby established, which shall be monitored by the NAPC.

The Trust Fund in the amount of Four billion and five hundred million pesos (P4,500,000,000.00) shall be funded from the earnings of the PAGCOR in addition to appropriations by Congress, voluntary contributions, grants, gifts from both local and foreign sources as may be accepted or decided on by the NAPC. Any additional amount to the Trust Fund shall form part of the corpus of the Trust Fund, unless the donor, contributor or grantor expressly provides as a condition that the amount be included in the disbursible portion of the Trust Fund.

The President of the Philippines shall assign to any existing government department or agency the administration of the Trust Fund, based on the expertise, organizational capability, and orientation or focus of the department or agency. The NAPC shall be limited to the function of monitoring the utilization of the PDTF, while the government departments or agencies designated by the President shall directly administer the utilization of the earnings of the PDTF.

Only the fruits of the PDTF shall be used for the purposes provided in this Act. Any undisbursed fruits for the preceding year shall form part of the disbursible portion of the PDTF in the following year.

I understand nga gusto gyud nimo kaayo mag-tukod ug Hospital sa Sarangani. Ang akong project proposal will have a plan included kung un-sa-on pag-fund, sustain and run the hospital efficiently like a first level Medical Center. Why? Because I have 20 some years experience in the Medical Industry both in the Philippines and in the US.

Kung na-a ka'y time nag-elaborate ko gama'y sa YHEP: We Can! link. Brief idea sa project concept.

Nalipay ko kaayo ug nabuhi ang akong pag-asa nga makabangon ang Pilipinas sa kalisud kadtong ni-daug ka pag-ka-Congressman. I hope mata-gaan nimo ug chance ang mga ideas nga dugay na kaayo nako gi-pug-ngan ka'y nawala na ang akong pag-salig. But now that we have you...I have faith nga tinu-uray gyud ang imong tumong pagtabang sa katawhan. Ma-u sa'b nga tinud-anay pud ang akong tumong nga ma-share sa imoha ang akong gama'y talent.

Yes Sir!
If we really want...

Here is my contact number: (914) 661-6808 --- Text message or audio message anything convenient with you.
Gusto gyu'd nako nga mo-succeed ka sa imong mga plano. I will continue praying nga gamiton gyud ka sa Gino-o para ibangon ang Pilipinas sa kahirapan.

I hope to speak further with you.

All the best!

Very Truly Yours;

Joel Inocencio

Larchmont, NY USA